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Emancipating Alice: Second Edition is here!

Emancipating Alice Book Cover

A 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-finalist! Emancipating Alice

Now that her husband, George, is dead, middle-aged homemaker Alice Owens thinks his oppressive reign over her life has ended–but she is wrong. George thwarts her attempts at freedom, mentally and physically, from beyond the grave.
* * *
Homemaker Alice Owens returns from a routine grocery-shopping trip to find her husband, George, slumped over their kitchen table, as dead as her love for him. Glad her strangled life with him has ended, she prepares for the arrival of her adult children–a daughter who hates her, and a needy son–who will inevitably show up for the funeral. But while cleaning out George’s belongings, Alice stumbles across enigmatic documents linking him to an African-American charity, and a heinous crime committed over thirty years prior.

Alice grapples not only with memories of her marriage’s turbulent past, but with murder and infidelity from George’s secret double life pushing themselves into her present.

Will Alice finally gain the freedom she’s always desired? Or will George’s secrets take her over the edge?

Originally published November 2012, this second edition was released July 2014.

NEW RELEASE: Brandon: The Wilde Brothers

Now available!
Released 7/2/14 is the second tale from the Wilde brothers in the series: The Billionaire’s Desire.

Brandon: The Wilde Brothers

SYNOPSIS: Just a few bored billionaire brothers having fun. But at whose expense?

Brandon doesn’t have a care in the world.
Luck has followed him and his twin brother, Connor, their whole lives—even landing them in the billionaire’s club—and the luck of genetics ensured him that, with or without money, he would always have women after him.

But Brandon’s luck has just run out.
He has agreed to the terms of an annual challenge with his brothers to conquer a woman from a chosen group, and in the process, suddenly finds himself facing a conundrum: while carrying out the dare with one woman, he realizes his feelings for a childhood friend, Erica, goes far beyond friendship—especially now that she’s getting married.

Now, two gorgeous prizes are on the line, and it seems he can’t win one without losing the other. If he drops everything and goes after Erica, he loses the game. If he lets his fake relationship play out, he wins his older brother’s stunning Hawaiian beach house, but could lose Erica forever. Brandon is used to surfing along wherever life wants to take him, but will he finally interrupt the flow and take a necessary risk?